• Katy Rigg

Good times and sunshine

Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? How have you been?

Since the world started opening up again, I feel as though I’ve been running alongside it, trying my best to keep up. Since I last posted, we sold our house, put the wheels in motion to move, I’ve started a new job, and our little boy turned TWO. This last one stopped me in my tracks a bit and I spent a lot of time cooing over his baby pictures and wondering quite when it was that he turned into this big, beautiful, actual, proper person instead of the tiny little alien I used to wrap up inside my pyjama top while I sniffed his head for hours.

We have also been visiting friends and family, which has been pure gold. The hugs, the sunshine, the (outdoor) parties, the dinners, the drinks and the sheer joy of being close to loved ones again. I haven’t quite got through everyone yet, and that will take a while, but I am loving making plans and putting on nice clothes and having places to go that are not my own backyard.

But I have also been taking stock of the last 18 months and processing what has happened – to us, and to all of us – and wondering if it will ever really sink in just has bloody weird it all was. I say ‘was’, but it is still a bit weird really, isn’t it?

Here’s a photo of a rainbow arcing its way across the M1 a few weeks ago. We were all ill, and Rudy had not gone to sleep as planned and the rain had been horrendous and huge tailbacks meant we had long periods with the engine off. But the rainbow that appeared in the dullness of the sky, just as we got moving again, was a glorious sight and the moment felt quite symbolic of lockdown and everything the pandemic brought with it.

So if, like me, you're getting a bit swept up in the busyness of real life again, don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for getting through it all, and a gin or two. We deserve all the joy and all the good times and all the sunshine now.

Goodness knows we’ve bloody earned it x

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