• Katy Rigg

Are you 'Beer Garden Ready'?

I’ve noticed that a number of online shops have been advertising their ‘Post lockdown Looks’ and asking people if they’re ‘Rule of Six Ready’.

And I thought, ‘Oh. Is that a thing? Do we actually need to do something to ourselves before we see people again?’

Because I remember when being ‘Beach Body Ready’ tried to be a thing and it turned out that all you needed was to have a body and get yourself down to the beach.

I haven’t seen some of my friends for over a year. I haven’t seen my sister or my dad for nine

whole months. We have missed out on sharing birthdays and Christmas and holidays and parties and watching each other’s children grow up. It’s been so long in fact, that when I do see them again, my eyes will be brimming with so many tears that I won’t even notice what they’re wearing, or whether they were wearing the same thing twelve months ago.

So by all means treat yourself to new clothes if you want to. We’ve spent enough time in loungewear to warrant putting on a nice dress and shoes for a change.

But don’t feel obliged. All your friends really care about is seeing your face and holding you close and catching up on all that has happened.

And the pubs will let you in for sure. Lord knows they’ve missed you too.

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