Every one has a story...

A Mile in My Shoes is a blog about people. 

'My Shoes' is a compilation of stories, musings, thoughts and comments about things in my past and things in my present. Things that have shaped me, and moulded the person I am today. It's about the big things and the little things. Things in my every day that resonate. Things that I have silently observed. Things that I have done, or had done to me. Things that will no doubt play a part in the person I'll become in the future. Because all of them count, these big and little things.

'Their Shoes' is a compilation of other people's stories. The tales of some of the 8.5 million other people that share my city. The people I pass in the street, sit next to on the bus, queue up next to at the checkout: the big issue seller, the teacher, the artist, the banker, the road sweeper, the volunteer in the charity shop, the refugee who has just arrived in this vast and unfamiliar place. They all have stories to tell.


I hope you enjoy reading them.


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