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A Mile in My Shoes was established in 2017, as a platform to share stories about ordinary folk. The aim was to promote empathy and build connections between strangers, encouraging people to reflect on how we all have a story to tell. Over time it has evolved to include articles, reviews and various musings about things that are important to me. Consider it an online portal for all things good. I hope you find something here that you like. 


I have enjoyed writing ever since I was able to hold a pen, and still have copies of stories and poems that I lovingly crafted throughout my childhood. I spent three blissful years at Bangor University where I studied creative writing as part of my undergraduate degree. 

I have performed poetry and prose at several literary events, and in 2018 was shortlisted for the Dragonfly Tea short story competition in conjunction with Henley Literary Festival. 


I have worked with brands across a variety of sectors, from fashion to fragrance, healthcare to gardening, and much more in between. I am currently available for freelance work, and have experience of writing web and blog content for social media, websites and online magazines.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with me. 

Katy x 

(PS. I also have a novel in me somewhere. But it’s taking a while to get out...)